7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee at Work

Coffee at work is a great way of spicing up your workday while also reaping the many benefits of coffee. Learn about the benefits of drinking coffee at work.

Most of us feel like we need coffee to function as normal people throughout the day, but did you know that your daily cup of coffee actually has a lot of health benefits as well?

There’s no better place to enjoy a good cup of coffee than at work. It helps keep you focused and you can get those amazing health benefits while you work!

But what are the health benefits of drinking coffee at work? Keep reading to find out.

1. It’ll Improve Your Mood

Nothing beats a bout of the blues better than a cup of joe. There’s something special about the routine and ritual that goes into preparing a good cup of coffee and that routine can put you in a better mood all on its own.

However, caffeine can activate the neurotransmitters in your brain that control your mood. Dopamine and serotonin can help kickstart a better mood and make you feel happier.

There are studies out there that link drinking coffee to lower depression rates in men and women. People who drink a lot of coffee have a much lower risk of depression than those who don’t.

We aren’t sure exactly yet how coffee helps lessen the risk of depression, but the neurotransmitter boost probably has something to do with it.

2. You’ll Have More Energy

This one’s kind of a given, right? The main reason we all crave that cup of aromatic brew every morning. The caffeine helps create a boost in energy that’ll get you going in the morning.

But this energy boost is good for more than just the motivation to get out of bed. When you sip on coffee at work throughout the day, you can improve your ability to exercise later.

Also, all that energy will help your productivity at work!

3. Better Short-Term Memory

Caffeine can actually help improve your memory as well. Scientists conducted an experiment where they gave subjects different doses of caffeine. The study concluded that folks who had a moderate dose of caffeine, 200 mg, performed better than those who received only 100 mg of caffeine.

Scientists have a couple of different ideas as to how coffee can help improve memory. It could be because caffeine assists the function of norepinephrine, a memory-boosting hormone.

They suspect that caffeine directly impacts the area of the brain that involves memory and concentration, as well.

Ultimately, there needs to be more research done on how coffee can help boost your memory. But we know it works!

4. Up Your Antioxidants While You Work

Coffee is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It ranks above green tea and chocolate, two long-running antioxidant stars.

There are around 1,000 identified antioxidants in an unprocessed coffee bean and as the bean develops those antioxidants start to increase by the hundreds.

Why are antioxidants so important?

They help to fight against inflammation, which can then in turn fight arthritis and certain kinds of cancers.

Antioxidants are also prime free radical fighters. Our bodies naturally create free radicals, but over time they can cause our bodies to develop chronic diseases.

That means that coffee can help protect your cells from free radical damage!

5. Improve Your Brain Functions

Over time, it’s natural for our brains to slow down. An inevitable fact of aging is that we start to lose some of our cognitive function.

But people who drink coffee on the regular have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease according to a Finnish study. This is no small decrease in risk, either. The study showed a 65% drop.

One of the best ways to improve your brain functions is to sip on coffee while you're at your desk. You'll be a better employee and you'll be protecting your brain from long term decay! 

6. Increased Heart Health

We already mentioned how coffee provides antioxidants. One of these antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, is found mainly in coffee and is responsible for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

But this isn’t the only way that coffee can help protect your heart. In a study conducted by Dutch scientists where they looked at 37,000 people over 13 years found that people who drink a moderate amount of coffee had a 20% decrease in the risk of developing heart disease.

Scientists suspect this has something to do with coffee’s ability to decrease and prevent inflammation, leading to longtime cardiac benefits.

7. Kick Cancer to the Curb

One of the most deadly cancers in men is prostate cancer. Some studies have shown that drinking coffee on a regular basis can actually help decrease the risk of men developing this deadly disease.

But drinking coffee doesn’t only improve men’s chances of fighting cancer. Another study found that drinking 4 cups of coffee or more every day can lower the risk of endometrial cancer by 25%.

Drinking coffee on a regular basis could also help decrease your risk of liver, breast, and colorectal cancers.

This is another benefit of drinking that antioxidant powerhouse!

Have Coffee at Work to Improve Your Health!

By now it should be obvious that drinking coffee is a great way to improve your health. While there are some downsides of drinking coffee, as long as you make sure to drink some water alongside your cup of joe, you’ll avoid dehydration and will keep your body running.

Coffee is a great way to increase your energy and focus, up your productivity, and make you an all-around nicer person to work with! So, drinking your coffee at work will help you improve your performance and your health at the same time.

If you’re looking for a great way to bring coffee to your workplace, contact us today!